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10th-Jan-2010 12:25 pm - Reflective Essay
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: Reflective Essay
Date: 1/10/10
Summary: Reflective essay on the four years I spent in high school, for my high school exit portfolio. Two-page limit.

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25th-Dec-2009 10:43 pm - I wouldn't say that. (Yes I would.)
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: I wouldn't say that. (Yes I would.)
Date: 12/25/09
Summary: A woman and a man talking in a coffee shop about an internal struggle of the self-esteem sort.

Maybe I just needed somebody to be there.Collapse )
7th-Sep-2009 02:50 pm - A Letter to Ms. Rudd
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: A Letter to Ms. Rudd
Date: 9/7/09
Summary: A beginning-of-the-year English assignment that I put off until the last minute.

I liken it to hiding the surprises, leaving the clues, and drawing the map for a treasure hunt.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2009 11:33 pm(no subject)
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: Ernest Chow is a Goddamn Bastard
Date: 5/18/09
Summary: A little girl may understand some things, but other things cannot be learned so easily. Additionally, the way we act in the presence of our children perpetuates itself in them.

Dad told me I'm not allowed to say those words, but it's true.Collapse )
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: Of Things Small, Large, Good, and Bad.
Date: 9/6/09
Summary: Loosely inspired by true events taking place in a favorite eatery I've frequented since I was old enough to have normal food.
Notes: Probably my first attempt at using word repetition as a theme.

She says nothing, enveloped in her own little world.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2009 10:41 pm - Honor Thy Father
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Title: Honor Thy Father
Date: 2/3/09
Summary: Something I wrote toward the beginning of the year that pretty much sums up the relationship I have with my father and stepmother. Unfortunately, the situation is the same now as it was then.

It was gone when they said 'I do' and lied.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2009 12:24 pm - It is created!
DBSK: Group // beauty in the breakdown
Finally, after months of consideration and stalling, I have made a community. This calls for cake.

Like it says on the profile, this is a community where you'll find my writing, some music, photography, and whatever else I feel like posting here. I might even put some art up, but I'm not sure. All in all, this is a creativity dump.

It's all very under construction at the moment, so pardon the emptiness.

Have lots of fun and feel free to critique or give advice wherever. I'm not amazing by any means, so your help is always appreciated. ♥
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